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Horse riding is an enjoyable outdoor extra-mural for both children and adults, that not only builds self-esteem but also contributes in building self-confidence resulting in improved self-discipline and leadership abilities.

Equitherapy aims to positively impact the physical, learning and emotional development of the child. If your child struggles with concentration, co-ordination, low muscle tone or autism he or she could benefit from equitherapy.

Children’s Membership
Enroll your child for Horse Riding lessons. We believe in providing a nurturing and positive environment that allows children to enjoy their time with us and flourish.
Equitherapy Membership
Equitherapy for children with special needs. Learning disabilities as well as emotional and behavioural problems can be addressed.
Adult Membership
Adult Horse Riding lessons. Horse riding is an enjoyable outdoor experience for Adults too.
2016/2017 Fees
Eduride Fees and Rates for 2016/2017  We offer reasonable rates for both Group and Individual lessons.